Da Jiaolian Shi Heng Yi - Mohammad Akbar

Da Jiaolian (Senior Instructor) Shi Heng Yi Mohammad Akbar is the senior most Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor in STI.

Beng a very humble, hardworking and passionate student, he has had the rare honour to be accepted as a direct disciple of Shifu Kanishka and was cristened Shi Heng Yi. Since then he has been exclusively trained under Shifu Kanishka's watchful eye. He has many years of training in Martial arts and is also a Black Belt in Karate Do.

As an instructor he is very connected to all his students and ensures each one of them excells to the best of their abilities. He has the experience to teach all from Children to Adults and is the favourite of all our little warriors.

Anyone commited to train in Shaolin Kung Fu can defintely learn a lot by training under him.