Sifu (Master) Sitta Wang

Master Sitta has over 25 years experience in teaching Chinese Martial Arts in such disciplines as Tai - Chi, Yoga, Chi - Kung, Southern Shaolin Kung - Fu, Pa Kua Chang, Chin - Na, Jeet Kune Do as The Art and Philosophy and Fighting of Bruce Lee, Filipino Martial Arts - stick fighting and knife fighting, Thai Boxing as a tradition and modern and many more.Master Sitta wang is expert in Southern Shaolin Like 18 lohan, Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi and expert in Jeetkunedo which he has blended with Muay Thai and Filipino martial arts. Massages (Thai, Chinese, Japanese Style), Hand and Foot Reflexology.

History: Coach of World Wushu Leitai (San Sao) National Team of Thailand. Judge of World Kung - Fu Fighting. in 1984, teaching Jeet Kune Do for police. in 2005, teaching Tai - Chi -Chuan Yang Family for Prof.Gen. Somchai Virunhaphol(Ph.D.), Audit Commissioner, Office of The Auditor General of Thailand. In 1996, teaching Jeet Kune do for AU' Students(AU - Assumption University) Judge of Kung - Fu Fighting of Asia Games 1998 Thailand. Two time champion of Tai - Chi 1989 and 1990. Two time champion of Chinese Kung - Fu Nan Chuan 1987 and 1989.
Tai - Chi Wushu Nation Team of Thailand 1990. Demonstrated the art of Tai - Chi on Air (Thai television) for Eight months 1998 - 1999 and Japanese Massage, Hand Reflexology and Kung -Fu Kids.