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Ven. Abbot Shi Yong Xin

Shaolin Temple China Head Abbot Shi Yong Xin And Shaolin Temple India Head Shifu Shi Yan You (Kanishka Sharma)
Shaolin Temple China Head Abbot Shi Yong Xin And Shaolin Temple India Head Shifu Shi Yan You (Kanishka Sharma)

Ven Abbot Shi Yongxin, originally named Liu Yingcheng, was born into a family in Yingshang, Anhui Province in 1965.

In 1981, he made his way to Songshan Shaolin Temple at age 17. There he converted to the Three Jewels and received the Dharma name Yongxin under the discipleship of Former Abbot Xingzheng.
After three years' studies and cultivations in other Buddhist monasteries, he returned to the monastery in 1984 and assisted the abbot and the elders with daily operations at Shaolin Temple. In September, he received full ordination at Pu Zhao Monastery, Jiangxi Province.
The former Abbot Xingzheng passed away in 1987. Taking the ceremonial alms-bowl and robes on his shoulder (a symbol for the Dharma transmission), Master Yongxin took over the Shaolin Temple Management Committee and started to run the monastery.
March 1993, he was elected as Henan Provincial Political Consultative Committee and appointed as Director of Buddhist Association of China that October.
1997 he was re-appointed as the director of Shaolin Temple Management Committee and presided over Shaolin Temple.
March 1998, he was elected as representative of the Ninth National People's Congress and Chairman of the Henan Province Buddhist Association that July.
August 1999, he was inaugurated as Shaolin Abbot in the Inaugural Ceremony.
September 2002, he was elected as Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China
March 2003 and 2008, he was respectively elected as representative of the Tenth National People's Congress and representative of the Eleventh National People's Congress.
February 2010, Ven. Yongxin was elected as Director of Overseas Communication Committee of Buddhist Association of China.
Ven. Abbot Yongxin has been tirelessly protecting and reviving the tangible and intangible heritage of Shaolin Temple. He has done a great deal of work for Shaolin from renovating the ancient architectures to compiling and classifying classic books of Shaolin Temple, such as The Secret Book of Shaolin Kung Fu and Medicine, Shaolin Kungfu and Works of Shaolin Kungfu, Chan Dew Collections, Selected Papers on Shaolin Study, Shaolin in My Heart, etc.
To bring Shaolin culture to the worldwide Shaolin enthusiasts, he has promoted various Buddhist activities and engaged in domestic and foreign cultural exchanges. Abbot Yongxin has been contributing to the development of Shaolin Temple and spread of Shaolin culture.

On the 09th of July 2014 Ven. Abbot YongXin accepted Shifu Kanishka Sharma as his Disciple. The ceremony took place in the Morning in a hall full of monks chanting Buddhist Mantras, where Shifu Kanishka Sharma was blessed with the name "Shi Yan You" meaning "The Perfect Warrior Lay monk".


Da Shifu (Grandmaster) Shi Yan Zi

Shifu Shi Yanzi is one of the 34th generation of fighting monks. At the age of 16 he joined the Shaolin Temple, where he spent 15 years studying and training to become a monk under his master Shi Yong Xin. During this time he learnt about Ch'an Buddhist culture and philosophy, the healing arts of meditation, qi gong, breathing techniques and all the traditional Ch'an martial arts. He excelled in Ch'an

Buddhist philosophy and two forms of kung fu, the free fighting form of sanshou and steel jacket, the traditional Shaolin internal advanced forms.

Shifu (Master) Shi Heng Jun

Master Shi Heng Jun, 35 years old, the 35th generation warrior monk of Shaolin Temple started his Shaolin life and study Buddhism and Shaolin kungfu following with grand abbot Shi Yan Fo when he was 15 years old.

Master Shi Heng Jun is the elder brother of the well-know "Three Brothers in Shaolin", with his two younger Shaolin brothers Shi Xing Hong (currently teaching in Budapest, Hungary) and Shi Xing Hao (Houston, US., He is all-around equally proficient in the 5 aspects of Kung Fu, Forms, Sparring, Weaponry, Demonstration, and Teaching.

He is also famous in Shaolin by his Qi Gong knowledge and is especially

proficient in Dian Xue( punching the lethal point of the body) and Qin Na (locking techniques). Master Shi Heng Jun is accomplished in Shaolin Lohan Quan (Arhat Boxing); Drunken style like

Drunkard Fist; Preying Mantis, Diamond Fist, Plum Blossom Boxing, Chin Na (Catch and lock).

He is also good in Shaolin weapons include Drunkard Sword, Shaolin Saber, Monks Spade, Shaolin Spear, Shaolin Magic Wind Cudgel and many more... Qi Gong (Chi Kung) like Yi Jin Jing, 8 section meditation (Ba Duan Jin), Marrow Washing (Xi Sui Jing), Sitting Chan (Genuine Zen method), Eighteen Lohan Qigong are also Master Shi Heng Jun's.

Shifu (Master) Shi Yan Fang

Shifu Shi Yan Fang is one of the 34th generation Shaolin Warrior.

Beginning his training at a very early age Shifu Yan Fang began his Journey with Shaolin Kung fu under renowned Master Wang Chao, followed by further training under Master Du Jin Tao,

Shifu Yan Fang's exceptional skills was recognised and he was accepted as a disciple by Grand Master (Shi Su Yi- 31st Generation Shaolin Grand Master ) Liangyi Quan who is amongst the most renowned Masters of Shaolin kungfu in China.

He was later accepted and initiated by Shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin and got his Buddhist name, Shi Yan Fang, 34th generation Shaolin Warrior.

Shifu Yan Fang is famous for his Shaolin Qi Gong (Meditation in Movement), Shaolin Sanshou (Shaolin Combat) and also has been National Champion in China for Shaolin Weapon - the Double 9 section whip chain.


Sifu (Master) Sitta Wang

Master Sitta has over 25 years experience in teaching Chinese Martial Arts in such disciplines as Tai - Chi, Yoga, Chi - Kung, Southern Shaolin Kung - Fu, Pa Kua Chang, Chin - Na, Jeet Kune Do as The Art and Philosophy and Fighting of Bruce Lee, Filipino Martial Arts - stick fighting and knife fighting, Thai Boxing as a tradition and modern and many more.Master Sitta wang is expert in Southern Shaolin Like 18 lohan, Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi and expert in Jeetkunedo which he has blended with Muay Thai and Filipino martial arts. Massages (Thai, Chinese, Japanese Style), Hand and Foot Reflexology.

History: Coach of World Wushu Leitai (San Sao) National Team of Thailand. Judge of World Kung - Fu Fighting. in 1984, teaching Jeet Kune Do for police. in 2005, teaching Tai - Chi -Chuan Yang Family for Prof.Gen. Somchai Virunhaphol(Ph.D.), Audit Commissioner, Office of The Auditor General of Thailand. In 1996, teaching Jeet Kune do for AU' Students(AU - Assumption University) Judge of Kung - Fu Fighting of Asia Games 1998 Thailand. Two time champion of Tai - Chi 1989 and 1990. Two time champion of Chinese Kung - Fu Nan Chuan 1987 and 1989.
Tai - Chi Wushu Nation Team of Thailand 1990. Demonstrated the art of Tai - Chi on Air (Thai television) for Eight months 1998 - 1999 and Japanese Massage, Hand Reflexology and Kung -Fu Kids.

Shifu (Master) Kanishka Sharma

Shifu Shi Yan You (Kanishka Sharma) is the Official Buddhist Name (Darma Name) given by Shaolin Temple under the Guidance of Abbot Shi Yongxin, is a Shaolin Warrior from Shaolin Temple, China. He is the First Indian To be Trained at Shaolin Temple Under the Guidance of Shifu Shi Heng Jun who introduced him to legendary Grand Master Suxi and his kungfu Brother Shifu Shi Deyang.

Shifu Shi Yan You (Kanishka Sharma) 34th Generation Shaolin WarriorUnder Shifu Shi Heng Jun Guidance Shifu kanishka got trained in Shaolin jiben gong ShibaShi, Shaolin Tai Tzu Chang quan, Shaolin Wu bu Chuan,Shaolin Qi Xing Chua, Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan, Shaolin Luohan Shi Ba shou, Shaolin Luohan Duanda, Shaolin Luohan chuan, Shaolin Wuxing Bafa (5 animal 8 movement), Shaolin Rumen chuan, Shaolin Kung Chuan, Shaolin Yin Shou Gun, Shaolin 9 Section whip Chain, Shaolin Broadsword (Dao), Shaolin Jian( straight sword),Shaolin Fun Mo Gun, Shaolin XinYi Quan , Shaolin Ba Duan jin and Shaolin yi jin jing Qi Gong. Shifu Kanishka also studied Shaolin San Sa liu Duanda( 36 short fighting combination of Shaolin kungfu) and Shaolin 36 Yin Chin-Na( locking system)

In the year 2005 Shifu Shi Hengjun Travelled to France to spread the knowledge of Shaolin Chan Wu. Since then Shifu kanishka became disciple of Legendary Grand Master Shi Suyi (Liang Yiquan) who Deputed his Disciple Shifu Shi Yanfang who trained him in Shaolin Mehiua Chuan, Shaolin Pao Chua, Shaolin Hu chuan( Tiger fist), Shaolin Eagle Fist, Shaolin Tanglang Quan, Shaolin Kan jia chuan, Shaolin Yangjia Shi San Qiang( 13 Spear), Shaolin Moon Spade, Shaolin Drunken Stick, ShaoShifu Shi Yan You (Kanishka Sharma) training in the Luohan Hall at the Shaolin Templelin Tong Bei Chuan, Shaolin Da Hong Chuan, Shaolin Rinso Tongbei Chuan, Traditional Combat like Shaolin Tang fang ba, Hubpuba and introduced him to highest level of Shaolin Fighting called Xin Yi Ba.

Shifu Shi Yanfang also trained Shifu kanishka intensly in Shaolin Sanshou( Free Fighting) specially in Shao Jiao( wrestling) and Shuai Fa( Takedowns)

In the year 2008 Shifu Kanishka got the honor to train with Da Shifu Shi Yanzi ( a famous monk who has spent 15 years in Shaolin Temple and was known as the Iron bull and has achieved the highest level of shaolin skill called Xin Yi Ba.)

Under the guidance of Da Shifu Shi Yanzi Shifu Kanishka Studied Xiao hong Quan a version which included Xin Yi Ba move called Pi Tui Xie Xing which is one of the most powerful move for Combat. Once mastered this move alone can counter 1000 movements or kicks and punches.

Shifu Kanishka during the year 2006 under the Guidance of Grand master Wang studied the Southern Shaolin 18 Luohan System which was very Secretly Taught at that time and was made famous by lengendary Fighter called Hongxi Guan of Southern Shaolin Temple.