Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor Training Program (Level 5)

Instructor level Shaolin Kung Fu Training Program - (Level 5 - Lao Shi Shaolin Kung Fu Training Program)

Only The Students clearing the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Programs (Level 1 to Level 4) are able to enter into training for being an Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor, where they are taught higher level of Kung Fu both Internal and External.

They are taught Shaolin Broadsword (Dan Dao), Shaolin Guiding Chuan, Shaolin Da Hong Chuan, Full Contact Sanda (Free fight Training) and Advanced Shaolin Chin Na Skills.

Students are also Trained in Hard Chi Gong and Introduced to 1 of the skills out of 72 Shaolin Skills.

Apart from Higher Kung Fu studies students are introduced and taught how to be a teacher and they also have to study philosophy of Shaolin Chan Buddhism.

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