Shifu (Master) Shi Yan Fang

Shifu Shi Yan Fang is one of the 34th generation Shaolin Warrior.

Beginning his training at a very early age Shifu Yan Fang began his Journey with Shaolin Kung fu under renowned Master Wang Chao, followed by further training under Master Du Jin Tao,

Shifu Yan Fang's exceptional skills was recognised and he was accepted as a disciple by Grand Master (Shi Su Yi- 31st Generation Shaolin Grand Master ) Liangyi Quan who is amongst the most renowned Masters of Shaolin kungfu in China.

He was later accepted and initiated by Shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin and got his Buddhist name, Shi Yan Fang, 34th generation Shaolin Warrior.

Shifu Yan Fang is famous for his Shaolin Qi Gong (Meditation in Movement), Shaolin Sanshou (Shaolin Combat) and also has been National Champion in China for Shaolin Weapon - the Double 9 section whip chain.