Shaolin Kung Fu Training Programs (Level 1 to Level 4)


Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Level (Level 1 - Rumen Kung Fu Training Program)
This Beginner's level class, is for new students who will be taught Rumen Kung Fu (Rumen means to open the gates.)

The class is the starting-point for all students wishing to go on to study Shaolin Kung Fu and is designed to build the high levels of all-round fitness for which Shaolin Kung Fu is famous. Stamina, flexibility, coordination and Shaolin Basic Skills are all developed and regardless of your current condition you will quickly achieve never before experienced levels of fitness. Students will learn Shaolin Rumen Jiben gong which would include basics in terms of creating fist to learning all stances and mastering Shaolin Wu Bu Quan (5 Stance Fist form) and Shaolin Lian Huan Quan (linked chain boxing). In Addition students will also learn Basic level standing Sanshou( kicking and punching skills).
Students passing the Preparation Exam may advance to the Kung Fu Foundation class.

Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation (Level 2 - Cuzi Kung Fu Training Program)
Foundation course Cuzi level

The Foundation course builds on the fitness developed at Preparation level and introduces basic Shaolin Sanshou skills, the Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan form and body conditioning in the form of bag and pad work.
Students passing the Kungfu Foundation Exam may advance to the Intermediate Level of Shaolin Kungfu Called Zhong Zhi.

Shaolin Kung Fu Intermediate Level 1 - (Level 3 - Zong Zhi Kung Fu Training Program)

Intermediate level of Shaolin Martial arts Introduces Students to the most famous weapon of Shaolin, the "Stick". Students learn Shaolin Yin Shou Gun ( Shaolin Stick Form), Shaolin Luo han Shr ba Shou (18 Hands of Luohan), Shaolin Chin-Na ( Locking Skills) and Dynamic San Shou(Also known as SANDA)Combat. Students are also Introduced to 1st level of Shaolin Wrestling in this level.

Shaolin Kung Fu Intermediate Level 2 - (Level 4 - Gao ji Kung Fu Training Program)

Students Passing the Intermediate Level1 goes on to higher level of Shaolin martial arts training where they are introduced to Shaolin boxing styles like Shaolin Meihua Chuan (Plum flower boxing), Shaolin Tong Bei chuan (Through the Shoulder Boxing), Shaolin weapon 9 Section whip Chain, Shaolin 36 Yin Chin Na and Shaolin Qi gong (Ba Duan Jin).

Students are put into Sparring in Sanda and are also Introduced to the 2nd level of Wrestling.

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