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For the complete and updated list of Training Programs in

  • Shaolin Wu Gong (Kung Fu)

    • Chuan Fa (Forms)

    • Weapons

    • Qin Na (Joint Locking)

    • San Da / San Shou (Kickboxing)

    • etc.

  • Qi Gong

  • Tai Chi Chuan

Please view this page Training Programs

The fee structure for the Training Programs at our residential training centre the "Shaolin Gurukul" - Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre India entirely depends on the Training Camp/Program being conducted and will vary from time to time. All related Fee and expenses will be clearly mentioned in the Training Camp/Program promotion material available online or offline.
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The standard fee structure for Training Programs at the STI Head Office & Training Centre NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh are as given below - (With effect from 1st August 2014)




Adults Regular Classes (4 or 5 Classes a week)


INR 5000

Adults Week end classes


INR 3000

Adults Thrice a week


INR 4000

Joining Fee

One time

INR 1000



INR 500

Children (4 Classes a week)


INR 4000

Joining Fee

One time

INR 1000


T shirt

INR 500

Trial Classes Adults

2 hours

INR 500

Trial Classes Children

1 hour

INR 200

  • Join up on the same day as your trial class and get your trial class free.
  • All the students must wear uniform to join the classes.

Terms and Conditions for Training Programs

General T&C Commonly Applicable to all Students & Clients
# Right to Admission Reserved. STI is under no obligation to explain or justify any one being refused admission to any of our Training Programs and Seminars.
# 100% Advance Payment. # No refund will be made if even one class has been attended.
# Kindly consult your doctor In case you suffer from any ailments that could be worsened due to Physical Training..
# STI will not be responsible for any injuries occurred during training.
# STI reserves the right to update its T&C without prior notice. Please visit website for the Latest T&C.

Additional T&C Applicable to Corporate Clients/Students undergoing Time Bound Course/Programs:
# All Government Holidays will be Holidays at STI, Classes falling on these days will be held on the next working day..
# If a mutually Agreed and Scheduled Training Class is Canceled without Prior Information (Minimum 24 hrs in advance), The minimum charges for the Instructor's Time & Travel which is 60% of the per hour charges will have to be paid by the Student/Client in the next meeting.

Additional T&C Applicable to Regular Students (Normal Monthly Training):
# All Payments have to be made without fail by the 1st of every month. After which a Late Fee of Rs. 25 Per day will be applicable.
# The number of Classes held may be more or less depending on the number of weeks in the month, No additions or deductions will be entertained for the same.
# All Government Holidays will be Holidays at STI, No Classes falling on these days will be compensated for.
# Classes missed because of student's personal reasons have to be availed within the next 7 days or will else expire.
# If any classes have been canceled by STI for Official Reasons, it will be compensated.
# Training Dress Code: Uniforms as directed by your Instructor are compulsory, while beginners can start training in a comfortable Track Suit. In Winters wear thin, but warm thermocots.
# STI Wushu Guan Etiquettes and Protocols are to be respected by all students, visiting/accompanying parents, guardians, friends, drivers etc.

Standing instructions to all students as of 1st December 2011

Please Note: Repeated violation of instructions may forfeit your chance to train at the Shaolin Temple India

  1. Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the training session. Entry will strictly be forbidden for anyone reaching more than 15 minutes late.
  2. You will have to inform your instructor at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the training session if you will be late and at least 12 hours in advance if you will be absent for a training session.
  3. The Wushu Guan is not a place for fashion so
    1. Always come in uniform. In case you do not have one please wear a decent loose fitting Track suit.
    2. No wearing chains, bangles or rings while training.
  4. Never enter the training area or training mats with any footwear worn on the road, all students will have to carry their training shoes separately and will have to change into it once they enter the gate.
  5. Keep your bags, shoes or water bottles and belongings in the sitting area only.
  6. Please keep your mobile in silent or better switched off once you enter the Wushu Guan.
  7. Do not enter/sit or cross in front of the Bodhidharma Altar.
  8. Parents entering the Wushu Guan or observing the training sessions are requested:
    1. To sit in the sitting area only.
    2. To keep their Mobile phones on silent or better silent.
    3. Not to attend any mobile calls inside the Wushu Guan.
    4. Not to enter in the training area or step on the training mats.
    5. Not to talk during the training sessions as it can disturb/distract both the instructor and the students.
  9. A Wushu Guan is not a Gym/Club/Place of Interaction/Time pass, so no form of "Gym Culture"/"Casual Behavior" will be tolerated.
    1. Always follow the Formalities & Protocol of the Wushu Guan sincerely as taught to you by your seniors or instructors.

      1. After you enter the Gate Bow respectfully towards the Wushu Guan
      2. Pay respect to Founder of Shaolin Kungfu Bodhidharma (Damo).
      3. Pay respect to Shifu Shi Yan You (Master Kanishka Sharma)
      4. Pay respect to your Instructor and Seniors
    2. No talking on the Mobile Phone.
    3. No casual discussions or socializing inside the Wushu Guan during the training period.
    4. Do not sit with your legs stretched and pointing towards the Training area.
  10. Always remember that the Wushu Guan is a "Place of Enlightenment", and it is the responsibility of each and everyone to maintain the sanctity of the place:
    1. No eating, drinking or chewing gum in the Wushu Guan.
    2. No joking, laughing loudly, making fun of or playing pranks on others.
    3. No using foul language, swearing or cursing in the Wushu Guan.
    4. Keep the Wushu Guan clean (Do not shy from picking up a broom to clean the Wushu Guan, it will not make you a smaller person).
    5. Before the morning session join the Mats neatly with the Blue side up.
    6. After every training session is over make sure that the Mats are wiped with Phenyl or similar disinfectants
    7. After the evening session separate the mats and stack them neatly in pairs with the blue side facing inwards, with one pair placed over the other.
  11. If you have a problem, please feel free to share it with your Instructor, who will gladly help you out.

By Order
Shifu Shi Yan You
(Master Kanishka Sharma)

Becoming a Buddhist is essential only to become a Shaolin Monk and is not a prerequisite to Learn Shaolin Kung Fu. Though respect for Buddhism is expected just the way one would have for any other religion

As of now Shaolin Temple India provides food and accommodation to only those who are attending the Training Programs & Seminars taking place at Shaolin Gurukul - Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre India

Outstation students wishing to train at Shaolin Temple India Noida or any other Training Centre of STI, will have to arrange for their own travel, food and accommodation etc.

Unfortunately due to various reasons Shaolin Temple India does not currently provide any Free Demo/Trial Classes.

We thank you for your interest and understanding.