What are the Terms and Conditions that one has to agree to, in order to join any of STI's Training Programs?

Terms and Conditions for Training Programs

General T&C Commonly Applicable to all Students & Clients
# Right to Admission Reserved. STI is under no obligation to explain or justify any one being refused admission to any of our Training Programs and Seminars.
# 100% Advance Payment. # No refund will be made if even one class has been attended.
# Kindly consult your doctor In case you suffer from any ailments that could be worsened due to Physical Training..
# STI will not be responsible for any injuries occurred during training.
# STI reserves the right to update its T&C without prior notice. Please visit website for the Latest T&C.

Additional T&C Applicable to Corporate Clients/Students undergoing Time Bound Course/Programs:
# All Government Holidays will be Holidays at STI, Classes falling on these days will be held on the next working day..
# If a mutually Agreed and Scheduled Training Class is Canceled without Prior Information (Minimum 24 hrs in advance), The minimum charges for the Instructor's Time & Travel which is 60% of the per hour charges will have to be paid by the Student/Client in the next meeting.

Additional T&C Applicable to Regular Students (Normal Monthly Training):
# All Payments have to be made without fail by the 1st of every month. After which a Late Fee of Rs. 25 Per day will be applicable.
# The number of Classes held may be more or less depending on the number of weeks in the month, No additions or deductions will be entertained for the same.
# All Government Holidays will be Holidays at STI, No Classes falling on these days will be compensated for.
# Classes missed because of student's personal reasons have to be availed within the next 7 days or will else expire.
# If any classes have been canceled by STI for Official Reasons, it will be compensated.
# Training Dress Code: Uniforms as directed by your Instructor are compulsory, while beginners can start training in a comfortable Track Suit. In Winters wear thin, but warm thermocots.
# STI Wushu Guan Etiquettes and Protocols are to be respected by all students, visiting/accompanying parents, guardians, friends, drivers etc.