Shaolin Temple India's China Visit Covered on the Official Website of the Shaolin Temple

News Date: 
2015-07-27 18:00

Select students of Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre India were recently taken on an exclusive trip by Shifu Kanishka to visit and train at the Shaolin Temple, China... They were given the Rare privilege to train at the "1000 Buddha Hall" which is closed to outsiders, and they also met the Abbott Shi Yong Xin. The visit was immediately covered on the Official Website of the Shaolin Temple on the very same day.,

A Screenshot of the homepage of the website that had their picture displayed on the Slideshow on the left side of the website for a few days.


An article too was written "Foreign Disciples Make a Pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple" links to the article are given below

A screenshot of the Article where STI Students are being mentioned about with their photos